Opening Moment Outline

Opening Moments

Each student will be assigned at least one opening moment over the quarter.

  • Before the class period on which it’s due, post a link to where you found the article(s) or video to your blog, along with a 2-3 sentence post on what you find interesting or important.
  • Share your opening moment at the beginning of class: 1-4 minutes

Category: Participation  

Potential ideas:
  • Find an article you particularly enjoyed and share all/portion.  Explain why you were drawn to it.
  • Listen to an interview (i.e. NPR) and discuss.
  • Find a short news clip that connects to something we’ve been discussing in class or that you feel is an example of exceptionally good/poor journalism and explain
  • Find a lead (opening line/s) that drew you in, share, and explain.
  • Find a quote or a series of quotes from an article that stood out for you.  Be prepared to talk briefly about why it was important to you.
  • Find and discuss a photo used in a newspaper or magazine.  Why were you moved by it?
  • Find a typo in a major publication!  Discuss repercussions.
  • Find an article that fires you up!  Explain!
  • Find an seemingly unrelated text that reminds you of journalism...poetry, song lyrics, outside readings...and share

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