Monday, November 25, 2013

Fairy Tale Leads

1. Opening Moment: Spencer and Chanler

2. Inverted Pyramid Structure and Types of Leads

3. Fairy Tale Lead Activity: Report Out

4. ICB Focus Questions
  • Why would Perry choose to purchase stockings from a nun?  What is this detail telling us about his character?
  • Note Willie-Jay's description of Perry.  How is Capote playing with the readers' emotions?
  • To what extent is Perry a tragic hero?
  • On page 46, how does an act of fate change Perry's future?
  • How do we feel about Perry's 'confession' about killing the“colored” man with a bicycle chain on pages 53-56?

HW Discussion Questions:

  • Read to Page 96
  •  In your English Folder: jot down  five questions you would like to discuss with your group.  They could be questions that came to your mind while reading, questions you’d like to ask the author, questions you’d like to investigate, or any other questions you think the group might like to discuss.  You will need to have a written answer for one of them that is at least one paragraph.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ICB Character Introductions

1. Niko and Quinn Opening Moment

2. Partner Activity:
Go to the above link and follow the directions for the character you have been assigned.

3. Finish the Capote movie

Exit slip: please respond to one of the following questions on your blog. Please include at least two specific details from the movie in your response.
  1. What are your first impressions of Truman Capote? Is he likeable? Why/why not? How is your first impression of him affected by knowing that he was a real person?

    2. Why does Truman form such a bond with Perry Smith? Do you think Truman falls in love with him? Why/why not? What are their similarities? What are their differences?

    1. What is it about the Clutters' murder that interests Truman so much? Why does he believe so strongly that this case will produce a great book? What does its eventual success say about society's fascination with the morbid?

HW: Read to page 42

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Truman Capote Intro

Goal: to make predictions about In Cold Blood and learn background information on the author, Truman Capote.
  • Make predictions about the book based on the following peaking at the back

  • Author Background in Partners
  • Watch about 30 minutes of Capote the film.
  • Blog entry exit ticket: 
    • 3 things you know about Capote you didn't know before
    • 2 things you learned about the Clutter murder case
    • 1 question you have about either Capote or the Clutters.
  • HW: Read pages 1-22 in ICB

Friday, November 8, 2013

When Do Pranks Become Bullying?

1. Philip Opening Moment
2. Read the NYT article In Bullying Case, Questions on NFL Culture and choose three of the following questions to respond to on your blog. Each question should have a 3-5 sentence response. When finished, visit the blogs of three other people and post a comment to their response. 

  • When do pranks cross the line to become bullying?
  • How important is intention — whether or not the perpetrator meant to cause emotional harm? How important is the reaction — whether the victim of the prank feels hurt, or not?
  • Have you ever been the victim of a prank that felt more hurtful than funny?
  • Have you ever committed a prank that might have crossed a line? Did you apologize or feel regretful?
  • The behavioral patterns that have been said to occur on the Miami Dolphins include “racist and homophobic slurs and macho threats against a player and his mother,” according to a Times editorial. How do you think the N.F.L. should treat harassment and abuse in the locker room and off the field?

3. Complete the Page One Response in your English folder.

HW: College Essay Draft Letter