Thursday, September 12, 2013

Post #1: Blog Set-Up and What is Journalism?

Step #1:Go here to see instructions for how to set up your blog.   Send Ms. Leavitt an email with your blog address

Step #2: The first post to your new blog is to explore what journalism means to you.  Some directions you can take this prompt include (but you are not limited to):

  • What does journalism look like?
  • Is there "good" or "bad" journalism?
  • Where do you see journalism in your life?
  • Talk about journalists you pay attention to.
  • Why are you interested in journalism?
  • What are you curious to learn more about in terms of this class? Journalism in general?
150-200 words.

Step #3: Check out Ms. Peterson's class blog for a fantastic opening moment example!

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