Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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4. Love Letters on blogs

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  1. Dear Kate,
    How your smile radiates of a thousand suns, and your skin is as soft as the white sand beaches of Tahiti.

    We haven't talked in awhile, and I was just wondering how you were doing? I hope everything is going okay, because I still care about you. If you were in town maybe we could get together like old time sake, remember those long walks on the beach together and the wind running through your beautiful hair. I'll be completely honest Kate, I miss you, I miss us. Please take me back. I know that you were upset with me when I punched that sixth grader in the throat for calling you pretty, but that's just because I care about you so much. I want to make it up to you, I can fly us too Germany and we can eat spaetezel in a small cabin I'm the Black Forest, or we can run hand in hand through the crashing waves of the Bahamas. I just hope you can find it in your heart to take pity on my sould and give me one more shot, please Katherine let me show you how much I care for you. I can barely sleep, and when I do it's nightmares all of losing you. I love you Katherine Upton.
    Roses are red, violets are blue, you left me, but it still love you.

    Yours truly,
    Ben Mac

    I choose to do a morose tone, and to do this I had to center my whole piece around how great I thought the romantic interest was, so I added a couple small poems to show her what I though of her, and then I wrote really sad long sentences of how she should take me back and why, also reflecting on the good times we had.

  2. Letter to my gone wife

    Hey darling.
    I know you haven't seen me in a while. I mean, I've seen you, just not here. I see your picture when I walk down the hall. The first date we had, do you remember? The beach. It was so cold that day. I hugged you so hard that day, like I would never let you go.
    Sometimes I see you in everything and everyone I look at. In the girl walking down the street, in her figure and smile. I see you when I go to the flower store, in your favorite petunias.
    I can hear your voice, too. When the wind is blowing over the fresh grass, blowing the fresh scent into the air.
    When the bells on the Christmas tree echo into the empty house, I can hear your laughter.
    Can you come back, please? Just for a little bit. I know you haven't answered my calls, or my letters.
    Just for a bit. So I can see you.

    Evan Tims and sommer Cassidy

    Explanation. To convey a tone of morosity and dejection, we used multiple devices. We used the memories of the man about his wife to convey his love for her, the woman who left him. We also used short sentences to convey desperation. We tried to show his emotions in stark relief, in black and white, empty sentences.

  3. Dear Rebecca,
    It has come to my attention that you've been sneaking around with my dear friend, BooBoo. I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that we were dating. No? Was I wrong to assume that after all those picnic baskets we robbed together? Forgive me Rebecca for assuming that because clearly I'm the one in the wrong. When I first saw you at Jellystone Park I fell in love with instantly. I took you under my wing and taught you the ways of stealing people's food and you betrayed me with my best friend. I'm exasperated and ferocious upon hearing this wonderful news. It looks like I'm robbing picnic baskets solo from now on since my best friend BooBoo and whatever you call yourself are now together. Ugh I'm more outraged then the time that old lady had organic food in her picnic basket. I'm signing off now, so good luck with your passionate non backstabbing life.

    I chose to write from the point of view of Yogi from Yogi bear. Yogi is a 87 year old bear that lost his "girlfriend" to his younger best friend BooBoo. Yogi is vey sarcastic throughout the letter stating rhetorical questions. He also uses some angry words to describe his frustration such as "exasperated", "ferocious", and "outraged." He also used a metaphor to describe his anger comparing to a time when he found organic food in an old ladies picnic basket.

  4. Adam and Chanler:
    Dear Sharkesha,
    Thank you for finally opening my eyes and showing me the beauty of women, they have a natural ability to lie right to your face. I have now gained so much faith in mankind. This ability has really brought to light your finer qualities of kindness and caring. Remember that time my grandmother died and you told me to get over it, it was probably one of the better moments of my life. Remember when you talked to those other guys and let them drool over you like dogs over a bone, that was amazing. You've kept your integrity throughout our entire relationship and have treated me like I was so special, so thank you for that. I love the way you steal money right out of my wallet while I'm sleeping, it so sweet to hear you rustle around in the middle of the night.
    Have fun with the rest of your life,
    your one and only love

    We used a lot of sarcasm and kept a very mellow tone and made it seem like we weren't angry and even gave the person several compliments. We used a simile talking about dogs drooling over a bone. We also used your one and only love to show that no one would ever love her as much as we did. We used a lot of commas to try and just add to the sarcasm of the letter and add spacing. There weren't a lot of strong word choices but the ones we did use we felt added to the significant of the piece and made it sound less whiney and more elegant. Words like integrity, rustle, faith all add depth to the piece.

  5. Dear Holly,
    What were you thinking when you went and told everybody about that thing that happened the other day. Everybody hates me now because of you and your big mouth that you can't keep shut. What was going through your mind when you told your freinds about it, did you think that they were gonna keep a secret or tell there freinds. You made me so mad I just wanted to punch a hole through the wall. I can't belive this happening right now, my life is reuined because of you and it is all your falt.
    In this love letter assiment I used the role of a teenager because that was the easiest to write about. I used the format or sentence structure of syntax because of the quick, short sentences that this letter uses. The tone that I used was bitter because that was the way easiest to use because it is just saying how mad you are at someone.

  6. Dear Tina,
    You're a babe, babe. I miss you babe and I want to see you babe. I need you babe. I need you like a fat kid need mayonnaise. I'm sorry I've missed the last couple of child support checks, I'm doing my best. It's hard to make money now because a new guy is in town with better product than me and I'm losing customers. I hope that some day you'll leave Tyrone and realize that you belong here with me and our pet mini horse named Hector. You can pack up and leave with no warning and that way we won't be stuck raising Chris. We'll run off to Mexico that way they can't find us and charge us with child neglect.

    The tone is that I need my boo back. You can feel the desperation with a glimmer of hope. The repetitive use of the word babe shows that I'm in loveeeee. In the beginning the sentence structure is short to show that the thoughts aren't fully gathered and it's more just impulse writing without thinking first.

  7. My dearest Susan, Next time you decide to cheat on me, try not to make it obvious. You must be the most intelligent female I have ever met, putting your new boyfriends underwear in MY underwear drawer. Did you really think I wouldn't notice. Don't try to pretend you bought me new underwear, and don't try to convince me they were already mine. Last time I checked, my initials were CS, not JN. I think it's time for you to go live with Mr. JN. I have already taken the liberty of selling all of your items in order to pay off the 8000$ dollars you owe me for the ring I gave you (You can keep it!). I hope you have learned a lesson about betrayal, because I'm pretty sure that when we first got together you were still seeing your ex. I guess it was my fault for being so blind. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    P.S. I never loved you, I was only dating you because your family is really rich.

    It was easy to get into this tone, because sarcasm comes naturally to teenagers. Making up this scenario was also easy because things like this are always shown on television and movies. Another reason this was easy was because people often post pictures of rather humorous breakup letters on Facebook. We used words that would make an impact to improve our use of diction. Our tone was simple, angry and sarcastic. This was fun and easy to write.

  8. Chandler DiFazio and Niko Birmingham

    All I can say is wow. What you said means nothing and it never will. I can see through your actions and what others see you doing that you are just lying to yourself and everyone important in your life. I thought you were the love of my life and a better person. I was faithful even when I found out you were going behind my back. I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I've lost so much respect for you, I can genuinely say I really don't like you at all. You broke my trust, seeing you everyday disgusts me. I took you in with open arms and you stabbed me in the back. The way you treated not only me but other people is disturbing and hurtful. I tried seeing the good person in you but it turns out you never were. I need you like a fish needs a bicycle. Don't bother writing back because it will be just a waste of time and I could care less for what you have to say. Goodbye forever Cam.

    We used diction because in the love letter we used very specific words to get our point across such as disgusts. Our syntax was good because our sentences were pretty short and to the point. Are was blunt and direct towards about what we were really trying to get to. We used figurative language to talk about are topic but not the specifics of it, it added for effect to the passage.

  9. Dear, Freddie
    You have turned into a selfish self centered jerk. I just don't see how we can go on living with hate anger. We have figure something out because your pulling on my rope a little to much, you old grouch. Your presents makes me sick. Your going to hell and I hope it's warm there unlike our love. They say you can live on love well they are way wrong. You can't live if there is no love. I seriously just want to kick you in the face. Think about what your doing before you do it for a change.
    We used figurative language to make the writers tone sound very bitter. The syntax is that we made the sentences very short, so the reader will get the idea of what we are trying to say, such as we are bitter and short. The diction is we use strong words in the love Letter.
    Sydney Terison & Cody McEnery

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  11. Dear Sally
    I remember the first time we met in the ally way out behind the dollar store. The first thought to run through my mind was how you were the most beautiful professionally dancer I had ever seen. When our eyes met as we were crossing paths I saw the beauty, but what I really but not knowingly saw was true diseption. What I should have thought the first time I saw you was what I think of all the girls like you, how you were dirty and you were not capable of a man like me. But I didn't. So now I live homeless and alone in the back allyway in a Bronx drug house. I hope the million dollar pallace I built for us burns down and that the men you cheated on me with all die in the inferno. Eventually karma will hit you. Let me know when it does!
    Love your ex,ex,ex,etc..... Lover Freddy
    I mostly stuck with typical diction but hoped that the story/love letter would help you ignore the fact.