Monday, April 7, 2014

Vox Pop Editing

Opening Moment: Kyle

Directions for Vox Pops:

1. Create your  audio story in Garageband.

Create a new project. Name it.

Make your recordings directly in Garageband.  Choose a voice track with no effects and start recording the responses to your question.

It is easiest to put the responses in different tracks  but you can also build it in one track and split the clips when you are done so that you can move them around.

Be mindful of not saying the question each time (perhaps write it down for people to read instead )  as that will require less editing Try to minimize background noise.

Adjust the sound levels on each clip so there are no abrupt changes.

Build the piece in order from left to right. It's easiest to build it in a blank track above or below the others.  Put the responses in the order that will most effectively make your point.

Add music in a separate track

Name the song in Garagband

Export to iTunes

Import to iMovie- you will need to ad an image before you do this.

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