Monday, February 10, 2014

How Creative Are You?

1. Paul Opening Moment

2. How Creative Are You?

Many universities are focusing more on teaching creative problem solving.  Read the article "Learning to Think Outside the Box" and discuss this question on your blog:

WHAT is your opinion: Is everyone creative, and can everyone learn to be more so? WHY or WHY not?

Now, read the short article "A Creative Class Assignment" showing students' creative problem solving skills,  and answer the following questions on your blog:

.–What problems on these students’ lists also annoy you?
–What problems at your school or in your home or neighborhood can you identify?
–How could you solve at least one of them?
–Do you wish you could take a class in creative studies? Why or why not?

3. Share and give feedback on Valentine's Day articles

4. Revise- HW final drafts due next class

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