Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Small groups: share Valentine's Day Articles

Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorials:
Step 1:  Opening Activity: What is a Pulitzer Prize? With your group, read the link, and come up with a 1-2 sentence working definition.

Step 2: In your groups discuss the following questions.  You should record your answers on your individual blog.
  1. Who was the writer/writers and for which publication?
  2. What was the PURPOSE of their editorials? (See "citation" tab)
  3. After reading a few of the articles, describe what types of resources they used and approximately how many in any given editorial.
  4. Did you detect any bias? Explain.  Cite specific passages.
  5. How does the format, tone, and length of an editorial differ from a feature article?
Step 3: In your new group (as assigned by teacher), report out on your findings (questions 1-5) to your new group members.  Each group member should take notes on the "expert" for the given editorial.  Record answers to the questions on your blog.

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