Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Editorial Breakdown- What goes into writing and editorial?

1. Cam Opening Moment

2. Read the opinion article We Need More Tests, Not Fewer. Each group will be responsible for keeping track of a different element of the editorial- please do this as a comment on today's blog posting!

Group 1 (Adam, Cam, Sommer) : Background information

Group 2 (Niko, Spencer, Chanler): Author's opinion and facts to support it

Group 3 (Michael, Paul, Ben): Opposing Argument and facts to challenge it

Group 4 (Cody, Kyle, Sydney, Chanler B): Call to action

3. Editorial Revision


  1. Group 2- The author wants more tests and keep the SATs. He likes how the SATs are able to allow colleges to predict the student's GPAs. The SAT provides a valid measure of a person’s ability to reason through verbal and mathematical materials, a skill required in college and in our increasingly information-oriented workplaces. He also said student should take more tests because then they would get a better understanding of how the student actually is.

  2. He has been through college therefor he has taken the SAT'S himself. He is also a college professor of psychology. So he hears stuff from current college students and knows all the psychological effects.

  3. The article said that there should be more tests for specific subjects and to show each students abilities. The other tests will be on future artists or musicians and other stuff about diverse thinking. "We can not afford to ignore testing because they fall short f perfection or making us uncomfortable," this was a quote in the passage that summaries the whole piece and how they want to move forward with testing and not only just keep the SAT the way it is but to add other tests that would help colleges know your other abilitys. I agree with adding more tests to show this, but make those tests optional because it may help students show colleges who they are more, but it would always hurt students if they don't want the colleges to know there other abilitys if they rant as good as they typical standard bilitys that just the SAT shows.

  4. Hong Bo Li, Michael Harrison
    In the article the author challenges the idea and methods of the SAT by questioning the testing environment of all the students taking it. The author questions different backgrounds of education from all the students, and how that can misinterpret the knowledge of the students. It brings up a. Alternate solution of new tests that measured different abilities of June students.